Beyond Perceptions: Right Brain Left Brain

The Pink Elephant Project’s main objective is to raise awareness about how one’s perceptions and experience shapes their interpretation of any given circumstances and also seeks to have individuals reflect introspectively to discover what it is about certain circumstances that has them get “triggered.” 

That being said, this morning I received an interesting article this morning from my new friend Maria that suggests that not only do perceive things differently but we also think about differently based on whether or not we are right or left brained.   So on top of our past experiences in life and our filters that we have developed there also seems to be something else at work that has us “experience” the same exact phenomenon differently from one another.   6+ Billion people….6+ Billion interpretations.   Who’s right?   🙂
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  1. rosanne Leslie 9 years ago

    i don’t think it is a matter of who is right or wrong but rather how we feel. yes, we perceive things differently, but the other night, while out with my daughter and friends, we were discussing this very issue and we came up with, Shared Realities! how sometimes we enjoy, very much the same perceptions of our friends and colleagues. it could be very beneficial to have individuals reflect on what “triggers” them. i know i always think about these things for myself and it helps me in understanding myself better as well as where others are coming from without getting all worked up…

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