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Bernie Maloney, Systems Operation Manager, Hewlett PackardBernie Maloney, Systems Operation Manager, Hewlett Packard

“Shasheen's coaching gets straight to the point. His insights cut swiftly through your self imposed, limiting beliefs. Opening yourself or your team to that perspective will begin your own transformation towards outcomes at rates and scopes you'd previously only dreamed about.”

BM, CEO IT Service Company, New York, NYBM, CEO IT Service Company, New York, NY

“Hiring Shasheen has been one of the single greatest decisions I’ve made for my company. Shasheen’s one on one sessions cut right to the chase and I quickly began to see where I was responsible for the stagnation of our company.   For over 6 months we worked on execution and through the weekly calls we uncovered breakthrough after breakthrough in my effectiveness as a leader.   The second greatest decision I’ve made was bringing him into the company to meet with my management team.  After an inspirational 2 day offsite everyone walked away completely aligned and and with their individual game plan.  What was once a stale and stagnant environment is today a thriving well oiled machine. “

Liisa Bozinovic, HR Director, Polyzen Inc, Apex, NCLiisa Bozinovic, HR Director, Polyzen Inc, Apex, NC

"As the Controller and Senior HR Professional at Polyzen, I'd seen a number of well credentialed consultants come through our doors but, it wasn't until Shasheen came on board that our leadership team began functioning effectively.  Shasheen has the unique ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter and gets all the relevant players invested in finding a solution.  Shasheen is invested in the change and follows the process, making sure no one is dropping the ball."

Raj Lahoti, CEO DMV.ORG, Encinitas, CARaj Lahoti, CEO DMV.ORG, Encinitas, CA

"Shasheen is one amazing person and no wonder people call him the "CEO's secret weapon."
He can help coach someone when it comes to just about any business or personal issue. He has a huge heart and genuinely cares about the success of his clients. His broad range of experience as a coach with so many companies and individuals has given Shasheen the knowledge and tools to add value to just about any situation. Especially complex situations that require lots of analysis, detail, and thinking through multiple perspectives. I've been working with Shasheen for over 2 years, and am so grateful that he's a part of my life!"

Ryan Cook, Managing Partner at FCRG, IncRyan Cook, Managing Partner at FCRG, Inc

"I started working with Shasheen in August 2012 as I was looking for ways to expand my business and myself. I wasn't quite sure what I was in for yet nearly a year later I have a clearer understanding of myself, my business, and have doubled my business while being more authentically me. Shasheen is incredibly adept at listening and identifying the key issue and then guiding you in the exploration of that issue. He would assign "homework"...but it never felt like work...it just felt very relevant. He always knew great books or CDs to reference - if you're looking to expand and grow you have to invest your time; Shasheen does not spoon feed you nor should he. I always looked forward to our calls as he was fully invested in helping. No call was the same, it was completely unscripted, and he always brought the energy. What a great experience. I can't recommend Shasheen enough"

Warren Jolly, CEO, AdQuadrantWarren Jolly, CEO, AdQuadrant

“Shasheen is a brilliant communications coach and strategic facilitator. If you are unclear about anything related to your life or business, this is definitely a guy you want to be talking to. I am glad to call Shasheen both a business advisor and a friend. Highly recommended.”

RB, CEO, Internet Marketing Company:  Austin, TXRB, CEO, Internet Marketing Company: Austin, TX

“While 20 million in revenue may sound great for a small business it was nothing in comparison to what we were able to achieve after hiring Shasheen.  Our company today has dramatically increased its profit margin and the team has never been happier.”

Oliver Hartwig, Pura Vida Villas, Phuket, ThailandOliver Hartwig, Pura Vida Villas, Phuket, Thailand

"Shasheen is a highly skilled , great individual who has a very caring , deep understanding of all human needs and desires . Working together with him we did some heavy lifting to break through my limiting beliefs which wasn't always easy but necessary and amazingly rewarding . It led to some paradigm shifts I had not dreamed of . Having Shasheen in your corner sets you up for success and promotes thinking from different angles to see past the obvious . His fresh ideas , resourcefulness and talent resulting in outstanding achievements on my part and I couldn't recommend this gentleman more .
If you are looking for a true games changer = call Shasheen now"

RL, Entreprenur B2B Sales. New JerseyRL, Entreprenur B2B Sales. New Jersey

“The greatest lesson that I learned from Shasheen: high performing employees with bad attitudes are poison to my company. “

TS, Medical Device Manufacturing, Apex, NCTS, Medical Device Manufacturing, Apex, NC

“Shasheen continues to be an invaluable asset to me but to my team as well.   He’s the only consultant that I’ve ever hired that my executive assistant of 15 years has ever given a hug to.  To me that says it all.”

Rob Young Consultant/Brand Specialist Paul MorelliRob Young Consultant/Brand Specialist Paul Morelli

“Shasheen helped me take my business to the next level and beyond. With his expertise and focus I was able to clear the clutter of my present stagnate business and step up to the challenge of leveraging it to a higher plane. If your business means anything to you he is your go to man. I will continue to look for his guidance as I move forward.“

Yolanda Alvarez, Talent Development II Winning in Learning Outcomes II Educational Leadership II Agent of Positive ChangeYolanda Alvarez, Talent Development II Winning in Learning Outcomes II Educational Leadership II Agent of Positive Change

“Shasheen is the executive coach for professionals that seek higher levels of success. He has proven abilities in sharing a strategic perspective which is well-received by all levels of leadership. It has been my honor to have the opportunity to work with and learn from someone who is a game changer.“

Allan Lopes, Diretor Coordenador no Selo Casa Saudável CEO – Casa Saudável – BrazilAllan Lopes, Diretor Coordenador no Selo Casa Saudável CEO – Casa Saudável – Brazil

“Shasheen´s insights an innovative ideas help me in a weekly basis to deal with both the day to day challenges of being an entrepreneur and leader and also with long term strategic thoughts and directions for my company.
Shasheen´s work and personality inspires me not only to be a better businessman,but more importantly a better person! If you have any doubts regarding hiring Shasheen doubt no more. Go for it and be happy! “

Ed JapNg, Owner, LifeBEATEd JapNg, Owner, LifeBEAT

“As a consultant Shasheen has a keen eye for detail and business sequencing. He is excellent at identifying solutions that will bolster your current business strategy. If you have found yourself at a plateau in your business growth or you need to breathe new life into your business plan I highly recommend Shasheen's services.“

Matthew Ferry Author, Inspiring Presenter and Empowering Life CoachMatthew Ferry Author, Inspiring Presenter and Empowering Life Coach

“Shasheen stretched me, got me out of my box, challenged my conventions and asked me to get honest about what worked and didn't work. The work he did for me as the President of my company was powerful and with his partnership and guidance I clarified my strengths and got back into creative integrity. I would highly recommend Shasheen's work for anyone wanting to create out of the box strategies designed to take the business to the next level.less“

Brian Hilgendorf, Visionary Entrepreneur and Financial ExecutiveBrian Hilgendorf, Visionary Entrepreneur and Financial Executive

“Shasheen is one of those people who has a truly unique ability to sift through an issue, find the thing that will make a real difference and then mobilize action to make it all happen. Truly an entrepreneurial manager.“

Sharon Contillo, WebSphere Services Sales Specialist at IBMSharon Contillo, WebSphere Services Sales Specialist at IBM

“Shasheen has been an incredible, life-changing asset to me as my life coach. His calm manner, his ability to see past the clutter we insist we have and the way he relates his life experiences to others makes change easy. I’m a completely different thinker today. I have that peace I’ve been striving for and I thank Shasheen for getting me there is short order.“

David Gray VP Engineering and Technology at DMV.orgDavid Gray VP Engineering and Technology at DMV.org

“Shasheen came in and helped to shake up some of our older processes and habits. We stepped back and created a fresh start during that time. He helped to develop some new strategies and he focused on process improvements all around. He was instrumental in helping to shift our direction and we have been carrying momentum ever since.“

Dave Trager, VP of Fan Experience at Pogoseat, Inc.Dave Trager, VP of Fan Experience at Pogoseat, Inc.

“I reported to Shasheen at Online Guru, for the site DMV.org, and cannot recommend him enough. Not only is he a fantastic human being who inspires those around him to reach their potential, but he is a brilliant manager who fully understands grand scope of how to run a successful business. Shasheen truly understands all aspects of .com world, from social to SEO to operations and I am confident in saying I feel he could take any business and turn it into something that deserves to be called 'world class'. In his time at Online GURU, he certainly had a very positive impact on the team, and the direction of the company. Work with Shasheen if you have the opportunity!“

Ioannis Kasouridis, Medical Doctor at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS TrustIoannis Kasouridis, Medical Doctor at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“"People's standards are a direct reflection of the expectation of their peer group", as a newly qualified doctor this statement never resonated truer, that to achieve the level of outstanding in my field/career and life you need to be surrounded by people with outstanding standards. Shasheen for me encompasses everything that an outstanding coach should be: amazing at building rapport, attentive to your 'story', giving space for you to figure out your own solutions but equally ready to chip in with a myriad of his own great ideas to help you. For me he was able to help me be fully aware of the internal dialogue that all of us have but few admit and holds us back, set clear short-term and long term outcomes for my career and life while breaking through my stories and really appreciate that the quality of my life really depends on the meaning i give to things.

Last but probably most important of all though, he truly is an outstanding person, who walks the walk rather than just talk and truly 'knows' Tony Robbins strategies rather than understands like most people. If you are ready for outstanding, i highly recommend him.“

Vanina Murray, Managing Director at AccentureVanina Murray, Managing Director at Accenture

“Shasheen is very customer & people oriented person, with a deep and strategic reality view. He has always a positive attitude and he is a clear empathetic person. It has been a pleasure to work with him.“



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