Dancing With Discomfort: The Operating Manual I Found Within Myself.

Why Dance in Discomfort? Because it is unavoidable and inevitable! I would even go on to say that the idea that “suffering is optional” is a bunch of nonsense and that it is this belief that has been responsible for the unnecessary suffering that I’ve put myself through. Today I believe that suffering is also unavoidable and inevitable. The only two levers that I truly have in my power at any given moment is the INTENSITY of the suffering and the DURATION of the suffering. 
It is here that I have learned to dance.
In my attempt to create my own operation manual from all the information that I have gathered from my therapist’s, coaches, guru’s, seminars, sweat lodges, retreats, classes, books, and inspiring audio’s programs, I have distilled all of these various teachings into three basic concepts: Conditioning, Energy, and the Observer.

From the heart




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